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Animal and Public Health
Diagnostic Lab To Break New Ground
(May 12, 2004)
Armenian Agriculture Minister looks to ATG for help in establishing an animal health and safety laboratory
(October 4, 2003)
ATG helps develop university exchange agreements to assist Armenian agriculture
(July 5, 1996)
Armenian Technology Group and UC-Davis host veterinarians from Armenia and Georgia
(May 2, 1995)
ATG Farmers’ Awards and Honors
ATG Farmer Recognized with Anania Shiragatsi Medal
(May 23, 2008)
ATG in Karabagh
Armenian Technological Group of America Has Implemented a Number of Humanitarian Programs in Nagorny Karabakh Since 1995
(January 24, 2005)
ATG in the Public Arena
Leader of tiny ethnic Armenian nation speaks in Fresno
(October 27, 2003)
Bike-a-Thon IV: One Nation, One People
(June 27, 2006)
Noted Actor Joins ATG Bike Marathon
(May 29, 2006)
Bike-a-Thon III supports rural Armenia
(June 14, 2005)
ATG Bike-a-thon energizes Armenian countryside
(August 29, 2004)
Conservation Agriculture
ATG’s Accomplishments
(March 25, 2011)
Seventeen Members of Armenian Parliament Visit ATG Wheat Fields
(July 15, 2009)
ATG Introduces Conservation Agriculture to Armenia
(June 22, 2009)
ATG Continues to Empower the People of Armenia
(May 27, 2009)
Featured Farmers: ATG Success Stories
Garni — Wheat Flourishes on Ancient Village Land
(April 29, 2006)
Tegh — “Without a Plow, What Would the World Be?”
(April 7, 2006)
A Gift to Armenia’s Future
(March 31, 2006)
Sissian — ATG Expands Projects in Border Areas
(March 28, 2006)
Fresno Raisins Reach Armenia
(March 25, 2006)
Anti-Hail System Benefits Rural Armenia
(February 1, 2006)
Tavoush — Tenacious Villagers Work Border Lands
(January 1, 2006)
Khundzoresk — Rebirth in a Forgotten Paradise
(July 13, 2005)
Nor Gyank — Rural Armenians Benefit from Wheat Project
(July 13, 2005)
Shamshadin — Key to Armenia
(July 7, 2005)
ATG Boosts Ties With Major Ag Firm
(February 22, 2005)
Gagik Mkrtchyan — ATG Agronomist Creates Important Legacy
(February 6, 2005)
Spitak — Seed Project Strengthens Area’s Future
(January 24, 2005)
SPSA — ATG Seed Program Makes Major Strides
(January 7, 2005)
Nor Geghi — ATG Helps Villagers Build Stronger Future
(December 15, 2004)
Meghrashat — Shirak Farmers Embrace Seed Program
(December 1, 2004)
Arevshat — ATG Helps Further a Sacred Calling
(November 19, 2004)
Nor Gyank — Wheat Farmer Leads ATG Shirak Projects
(September 25, 2004)


ATG represents Armenia at international wheat conference

ATG Provides Wheat See in 326 Villages in Armenia and Nagorno-karabakh

ATG Seed Multiplication Program enters new phase

ATG reaches out to Armenian farmers suffering drought(September 16, 2000)

Infrastructure : 


Anti-Hall System Benefits Armenia to infrastructure

Khramort – ATG Collaboration Rejuvenated Karabagh Village

Sis – reclamation Project continues to make strides

Sis – refugees Find New Home in the Shadow of Ararat

ATG-sponsored well brings water to Maisian

Interaction :

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Amragits — The Legend of Lalvar Mountain:
ATG Wheat Farmer Keeps Area Traditions Alive

(September 6, 2004)
Shenik — ATG Project Spurs Growth in New District
(August 20, 2004)
Sisaved — Wheat Fields Given New Life in Amasia Villages
(August 4, 2004)
Akhouryan — ATG Projects Assist Village Recovery
(July 20, 2004)
Vosketap — Seed Project Strengthens Border Region
(July 17, 2004)
Khor Virab — ATG Wheat Flourishes on Ararat Plain
(July 14, 2004)
Arazap — Wheat Project Benefits Border Village
(May 24, 2004)
Roger Culver — American Agronomist Lends Expertise to ATG Projects
(March 10, 2004)
Gevorg Gabrielyan — ATG Foundation Director Has Successful First Year
(December 7, 2003)
Khramort — ATG Collaboration Rejuvenates Karabagh Village
(December 7, 2003)
Sis — Reclamation Project Continues to Make Strides
(November 7, 2003)
Echmiadzin — Wheat Farmers Reap Record Harvests
(November 2, 2003)
Shirakamoot — Spitak Rebuilds from 1988 Earthquake with Help from ATG Wheat Project
(September 8, 2003)
Sissian — ATG Wheat Project Finds Success in Mountains of Zangezur
(August 30, 2003)
Bagaran — ATG Wheat Project Reaches Historic Border Village
(August 21, 2003)
Arjoot — ATG Helps Bring Hope to Mountain Village
(August 5, 2003)
Sis — Refugees Find New Home in the Shadow of Ararat
(July 11, 2003)
Legends of ATG
The Loss of a Selfless Friend: Roger Benton
(April 4, 2011)
Seed Multiplication Project
ATG Provides Wheat Seed in 326 Villages in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh
(November 25, 2006)
ATG Seed Multiplication Program enters new phase
(February 20, 2004)
Sale of surplus U.S. wheat benefits Armenian farmers
(September 17, 2002)
ATG reaches out to Armenian farmers suffering drought
(September 16, 2000)
ATG represents Armenia at international wheat conference
(September 25, 1997)
U.S. grant gives Armenia’s farmers access to American wheat seed
(November 14, 1996)
Lincy Foundation grant enables ATG to expand assistance program for Armenian agriculture
(October 20, 1995)
Sponsor A Village
ATG-sponsored well brings water to Maisian
(March 30, 2003)
ATG helps revitalize Sis village
(July 24, 2002)
Trade and Investment
Congress asks ATG to Expand Programs
(November 15, 2000)
Briggs markets his plan for state trade office in Armenia
(January 18, 2000)
U.S. and International Aid
Armenia’s Economy Advances, Official Says
(February 19, 2005)
U.S. Ambassador Explains Impact of U.S. Aid
(June 9, 2003)
U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Finds Hope in Armenia’s Economic Potential
(June 6, 2003)
Karabagh to Ship 800 Tons of Grapes to Armenia
(October 7, 2003)