ATG Farmer Recognized with Anania Shiragatsi Medal

May 23, 2008

ATG Farmer Recognized with Anania Shiragatsi Medal

The Armenian Technology Group (ATG) is proud to announce that the Presidency of Armenia has honored an ATG farmer with the Anania Shiragatsi Gold Medal for the highest achievement in agricultural development. Albert Ayvazyan of Shirak marz is the third ATG farmer to receive the government’s recognition. “Every acknowledgement of an Armenian farmer’s achievements is an encouragement to us and the other farmers in Armenia,” said ATG Executive Director Varoujan Der Simonian.

Ayvazyan was born in the village of Arapi west of Gyumri in 1957, studied agronomy in Yerevan, and has returned to his birthplace where he is now the village mayor. He joined the Seed Producers’ Support Association (SPSA) in 1998, the same year that ATG founded it. As an SPSA farmer Ayvazyan produces around 60 tons a year of certified seed for winter wheat, barley and other crops; he grows over 300 tons a years of potatoes and other vegetables as well.

Funded by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Food For Progress monetization program, ATG transfers farming and seed technology and applied science to SPSA farmers such as Ayvazyan and trains them in their use. As mayor of Arapi, Ayvazyan now extends this same knowledge to the farmers of his village and works with them to improve their productivity. Ayvazyan also tests new varieties of seed to selects those best suited to his region, and organizes the production of elite and super elite seeds of these varieties.

“Our deepest appreciation goes to the agencies, foundations and individual donors who have been supporting our efforts in Armenia over the past 19 years” said Der Simonian. “Ayvazyan and his accomplishments are one of the results of these contributions. Every such success is a step toward ATG’s goal of empowering the people with knowledge to develop their capabilities and improve their quality of life.” Ayvazyan’s work with ATG over the last ten years provides a shining example of how ATG’s cooperation with the farmers of Armenia enables them not only to increase their productivity but also to fulfill the dream of feeding their country.

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