Civil Society and Humanitarian Aid

From the outset, ATG has recognized that reforming Armenia’s agricultural system involves addressing the needs of the entire society. With that in mind, ATG has undertaken several programs to strengthen civil institutions in Armenia and meet the country’s humanitarian needs.

    • Vegetable, corn and other seed
      In cooperation with the U.S. private sector and the United Armenia Fund, ATG has channeled more than $16 million worth of donated vegetable and corn seed to Armenia. ATG has distributed the seed to private farmers, orphanages, schools, retirement homes, and individual families throughout Armenia and Republic of Artsakh.


  • Land privatization law
    Members of ATG’s Board of Directors and senior staff members participated in reviewing Armenia’s land privatization laws and drafting legislation in the Republic of Artsakh.
    • Environmental clean-up
      ATG has provided funds contributed by private donors to begin preliminary testing to restore agricultural land polluted by past mining operations.


  • Reforestation
  • ATG is striving to revitalize Armenia’s forests. Nearly 750,000 Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine seedlings have been grown and nearly 100 acres of forest wree planted.


    • Beautification
      assorted varieties of flower seeds were distributed throughout the country for the beautification of country’s landscape.


  • Medical supplies  during the early years of our mission, board members acquired, gathered and ship 27 containers of medical supplies and equipment to local hospitals and clinics.


  • Nutritional Snacks thanks to the Raisin Bargaining Association ATG received and distributed numerous containers of California Raisins to the school children and nurseries  in Armenia.


  • Direct Feeding  Provided direct feeding program, distributing  nutritional food of high protein content to 17 institutions including orphanages and Nursing Homes.
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