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Empowering People Towards Sustainable Agricultural Development


Highlights of Current ATG Activities

a. Providing ongoing extension educational seminars: Since our inception in 1989, ATG has conducted over 370 educational seminars and field demmonstrations throughout Armenia. Grain growers, staff of Agricultural Ministry and the local media take part in these seminars.

b. Increase the number of beneficiaries: During 2010, farmers planted 250 acres using no-till conservation farming system - which is double the amount planted in 2009.

Overall, farmers are reporting of saving 50,000-60,000 drams per hectare, enough to help them plant an additional hectare.

c. Supplying Armenian farmers with new farm machinery: One of the most advanced no-till farm machinery and other equipment valued at $63,460 were delivered to the Armenian farmers earlier this year. We are excited about this transfer. The new equipment will double ATG’s capability to assist additional farmers.

d. Research and Development: ATG continued to set up seed trial plots in different geographic locations to identify the best varieties suitable to plant in Armenia and pass the benefits to the grain growers, saving the farmers from any risk of failed crop production.

e. Established a Self Sustaining Multi-Faceted Private Sector Seed Industry serving the grain growers nationwide.

Read more about this in the Conservation Agriculture Section.

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The Armenian Technology Group (ATG) is dedicated to helping guide the Republic of Armenia toward food and agricultural self-sufficiency. Based in the agricultural heartland of California, ATG is a 501(c)3 private, non-profit organization that has brought together the expertise of farmers, agronomists, veterinarians, and other professionals to enable Armenia to meet the challenges of independence.

Central to ATG's mission is the belief that a strong private farming sector is the foundation for building a healthy free-market economy in Armenia. ATG's advisers and technicians work hand-in-hand with the new class of private farmers that has emerged since the republic's sweeping reform of the Soviet collective system.

In cooperation with Armenia's Ministry of Food and Agriculture, ATG has focused on providing Armenian farmers with the benefits of American agricultural techniques and innovations. At the same time, the organization has begun a grass-roots campaign in the republic to cultivate the business and management skills necessary for success in modern agriculture.

Since its foundation in 1989, ATG has sought to address both Armenia's immediate needs and lay the groundwork for long-term progress. ATG has delivered more than $50 million in goods and services to the people of Armenia. The sum includes about $10 million in contributions from U.S. government agencies, as well as wide-ranging support from private groups and individuals.