1. Student Exchange Program

Special student exchange program was carried out during 1999-2000 school year, involving High school students from several schools in Armenia, namely, Etchmiadzin, Vanadzor and Yerevan, and students from Bullard, Central, and Sanger High Schools, located in Fresno County, California.  
The purpose was to have the students interact and learn from each other’s culture.  The students arrived during school season.  The program called for the students to attend classes at each respective schools to experience each other’s lifestyle. Some 20 Armenian students and teachers and equal number of students and teachers from United States participated in the program. They were placed at the homes of rural farming communities both in Fresno as well as in the USA.  Some of the students kept their contact with each other.
The project was funded in part through a grant from USAID, private donors, as well as participating host families.   


2- Promoting Agro-tourism

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ATG Agro Tour Cyclists at Baroyr Sevag Memorial
ATG Interaction Cyclist at Shushi 2007
ATG Agro Tour at grape nursery in Artsakh
ATG Interaction Cyclist in Gandzasar
ATG Agro Tour Cyclists in Field with Gagik
ATG Interaction Cyclist meeting Farmers
ATG Agro Tour Cyclists Vatche and Saro in Artsakh
ATG Agro Tour Cyclists on their way Shushi and Artsakh
ATG Agro Tours Cyclists in Zangakatun
ATG Interaction Cyclists meeting local School kids

3- Domestic Program

A Ride with a Mission
Tour de Fresno is ATG’s effort to participate as a “good neighbor” organization in the Central California. ATG’s main objective continues to be helping the people of Armenia achieve sustainable agriculture. Your contributions help us specifically in those efforts.

For the past 8 years the Armenian Technology Group (ATG) has been organizing the Tour de Fresno Charity Bike Ride. With over 800 participants annually, the ride has been a tremendous success, year after year. The proceeds from Tour de Fresno have benefited 17 local charity groups that have programs to assist the needy in Fresno County. The proceeds from the ride has assisted the following organizations: California Armenian Home for the Aged, Fowler Boy Scouts, Fowler Food Pantry, Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church Youth Group, HMEM Boy Scouts Troop #12, Hope Now for Youth, Kingsburg Community Assistance Program, Kingsburg Kiwanis Club, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Lion’s Club in Parlier, Musa Ler Association of Fresno, Sanger Boxing Club, Sanger High School Interact Club, Selma Cares, The Discovery Center, Tri-This, Inc., and Youth Group of America in Parlier. For additional information you may visit www.tourdefresno.com

1. Digging process
3. Roger Benton - Varoujan DerSimonian -with Alex and Mesha at Sis Village Drilling site
10. Tour de Fresno Pre Ride