Seed Producers Assoc

Seed Producers' Support Association

The Seed Producers’ Support Association (SPSA), an offshoot of ATG’s seed multiplication program, was formed in Armenia in 1998. The founding group included 47 dues-paying members and 180 associate members, all of whom have been connected with ATG’s efforts since 1994 to boost Armenia’s wheat production. SPSA is dedicated to implementing the goals of ATG’s seed multiplication program throughout Armenia. Together, the two organizations have sought to:

  1. Introduce, evaluate, release, and maintain crop varieties.
  2. Oversee seed production and distribution to assure quality seed is available to farmers.
  3. Provide testing and inspection services to seed producers.
  4. Organize seed production and distribution within a market economy.

SPA members have received training by ATG agronomists, including Roger Benton, Roger Culver, Mekhitar Grigorian, Gagik Megerchian, and Arkadi Markarian. In turn, the members are involved in teaching other farmers about the latest techniques in seedbed preparation, planting, irrigation, and harvesting. SPSA members are also committed to establishing a viable commercial seed industry in Armenia.