No-Till Farming System

ATG Seed Multiplication Program enters new phase

Introducing the latest, and most advanced, third generation of No-Till planter.

The planter and its components arrived in Armenia in 2011. It provides the growers with agriculturally superior, economically efficient, and environmentally responsive farming methodology. Now the Armenian growers have the opportunity to benefit in reduced operating cost and increase profits as follows:

  • Economic Savings:
    • Cuts labor cost by 40%
    • Decreases fuel usage by 50%
    • Lessens irrigation needs by 25%
    • Reduced farm equipment usage by 48%
    • Overall reduces operating cost by up to 65% – and subsequently increase farm income
  • Agriculture
    • Help increase organic components and nutrients in the soil,
    • Eliminates the need for tilling soil and leveling the same ground before planting
    • Plants seeds and applies fertilizers at the same time
  • Environment
    • Reduce soil erosion by up to 95%
    • Reduce irrigation need by up to 25%;
    • Enhance nitrogen level.