Animal Health / Public Health

“With the rapid movement of people and animals that we have today, a disease could spread quite rapidly, and Armenia is located in a gateway to Europe. It’s in a critical area where early detections of diseases is important.”  Dr. Robert Moeller, Veterinary Pathologist for the UC Davis Diagnostic Lab in Tulare, CA.  The Fresno Bee, Oct. 4, 2003

ATG’s multi-pronged approach to improve the efficiency and sanitary conditions of Armenia’s meat, poultry, and dairy industries.

  • ATG has sent US veterinarians on mission to Armenia to lead seminars and trainings with their Armenian counterparts.
  • Sponsored a U.S. training program for veterinarians from Armenia and Georgia to receive intensive training in food safety at the University of California at Davis. These veterinarians returned to their countries to implement several public health initiatives under ATG’s direction.
  • Additionally, ATG has completed two public health surveys in the sector: 1) Children’s nutrition and health; 2) Dairy industry management practices.
  • For much of this period, ATG provided veterinary medicine, equipment and supplies to vaccinate animals against critical diseases such as Food and Mouth, Brucellosis, and Anthrax.
  • ATG sponsored the mission of an expert from the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) to track the source of the food and mouth  disease in Armenia.
  • ATG has evaluated and made recommendation to the School of Veterinary Medicine to improve and update their curriculum.
  • ATG experts studied Armenia’s diagnostic lab needs and recommended close cooperation with FAO and the European community to become more knowledgeable about world health standards, systems and procedures to detect and minimize disease outbreaks.